Abolitionist Milestones (U.S.)

Abolitionist Milestones (U.S.)

Abolitionist Milestones (U.S.) – background image by Chris Censullo



Milestones in Abolitionist History (U.S.)

1787—Northwest Ordinance forbids human slavery in five future states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin)
1808—Slave Trade Act ends transatlantic human slave trade
1840—Liberty Party forms
1854—Republican Party forms from remnants of Whig, Free Soil, and Liberty Parties
1863—Emancipation Proclamation frees human slaves in those states then making war against the U.S.
1865—13th Amendment abolishes human slavery (Dec. 6, 1865)
2009—Humane Party forms
2016—Abolition Amendment, incorporating language of 13th Amendment, attains final proposed form (Dec. 6, 1865)

Abolition Day is December 6, a day to commemorate the end of human slavery and promote the end of all slavery.